Books were forgotten by humans, left behind imagination.

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It is easier create a world in our minds from watching videos or images from others nowadays instead of reading books.We have been reducing our powers of self-creation by avoiding books. When we read a book, we make up places, people, objects, dialogues, stories, animals, scenes, TIMES, only by using our mind, our imagination, our inner spirit of creation. Reading is a source of feeding our souls and minds to create. Little by little we are exterminating that source by letting books forgotten in favour on new technologies. Stop this abandon. Back to read, back to create as well. How? Let you go just some seconds, appreciate and let yourself experience the greater of the physical world, then the papers around being your mean of feelings, thoughts. Permit yourself being a starving reader again, a creator.

Always remember, in depth we are little gods: creators.

Daisy Pizano